Saturday, January 17, 2009

r e w i n d . r e - v i s t . r e v i e w .

time for a blog update. a large overwhelming one!

i was blessed in 2008 with many new discoveries and adventures. i am truly grateful for all the people
(too many to list) i met and who gave me opportunities, new experiences, and insight on myself and my artwork. all the best this year.

|| t h a n k y o u ! ||


Francis said...

Nice update. I don't think I've really seen your art. But now that I did I can say "I like it!"

And nice pic of kome!

Ruth said...

Aww I made it into a collage! Love you!

Lettie Lo said...

love that painting!!!! ur the cutest

a* said...

i like the car pic, especially my face.