Sunday, January 18, 2009

new beginnings, new ends. let's not forget the past.

this year started with the passing of my grandmother. we were close, she was there for my entire life, i even shared a room with her at one point. i learned a lot from her. all the little old lady quirks, life lessons and i deeply enjoyed listening to the stories of her past (in taishan dialect which few understand). she defiantly contributed enormously to who i am today and i am so very thankful that i could spent these 20+ years with her. i still don't know what this means for me because i have always had her there for me, to confine in, to rely on, and this is the first great loss in my life. however, i know that she is in a better place now and even in her last days she was faithful and hopeful for our future. she even told us no to worry, and that she was ready. i don't understand how this could be, how do you know? her life story was full of challenges that i could never even fathom (ex. facing a tiger in the rice field with her two babies present, giving birth by herself!) and yet she faced them all, passed them and was able to press on. i love her and when i think of her i smile because even through her tough life she took those times in mind and still lived a happy present full of laughter. its something i can draw upon. to the people who have been there for my family. thank you, and may god bless you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

r e w i n d . r e - v i s t . r e v i e w .

time for a blog update. a large overwhelming one!

i was blessed in 2008 with many new discoveries and adventures. i am truly grateful for all the people
(too many to list) i met and who gave me opportunities, new experiences, and insight on myself and my artwork. all the best this year.

|| t h a n k y o u ! ||