Monday, March 16, 2009

taking a break to update.

A time ago, our Information Illustration class was were given the opportunity to work with Avenue page for the National Post. I decided to explore the ridiculously-lavish fashion of 'Manhattans elite', specifically the six main characters of the hit show Gossip Girl. The characters were all clothed in school uniform attire as seen on TV and a break down of the costs are presented. I had fun drawing the characters and just a heads up, GG is back on tonight.


In other new, this past two weeks have been pretty sleepless (the upcoming week should be no different). School is quickly coming to an end unfortunately and there never seems to be enough time in the day.. or night. Also, I've been working on some gallery pieces but more on that later. For now, some pages from my sketch book from Chapters. I somehow need/want to translate my sketchbooks to finished pieces.. somehow...but how... (critique is welcomed :D)