Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i am 8-bit!

Many things have been happening since coming to the States. The most recent happening has been the completion of my new piece for the 'i am 8-bit" show opening this week at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery, in Hollywood.

'The Ice Climber'
20 x 16, acrylic and pencil crayon on BFK.

I enjoyed creating the Yeti characters and I'm excited for the show and to see what the other artist produce. Check out the flier below for more details.


Some things that happened a WHILE back ago include participating at Anime Expo in Los Angeles (July), selling my prints and hand-made plush collectibles and attending the big San Diego Comicon. There were many individuals at both conventions and I got to see a lot of art and meet talented artists as well as experience the wonderful world of cosplay.

the view from behind my booth at Anime Expo.

rare open space found beside the convention center.

Dom and I have been interning with James Jean and Project Gallery for the last month and a half. We have seen and have learned a great amount from both.

On September 6th, Project Gallery will be having a Fresh Faces show featuring Dominique Fung, Nimit Malavia, Yuta Onoda and myself. Its going to be e-p-i-c. Thanks to Beau Basse for getting this in the works.

Expect to see more art based posts.


Lisa Tao said...

ooh cool i like the girl. the creature's a little weird tho o_O but u improved alottt!

David Hwang said...

I love this piece! take lots of pics...

Is this you and Dom?


lettie said...

love this piece martha go go go !!

Francis said...

Ice climbers are the best in smashbros!

Peter Hong Chan said...

GO Marthaa!!!
great piece btw! moarr

rikit said...

yetis are sooo cool. your paintings are very inspiring :) :)

Ashley Ross said...

martha. when will you ever add grandmotha to your links on here. you make grandmotha cry.

btw i loveeee the giant background yeti.

mattiaskall said...

Fantastic work. I'd love to see more. Best wishes from Sweden.

liuliu said...

gO MARTHA cHAN!!! swim to the world of fame and i love this bit!

TheOffKid said...

how did you become an intern for james jean?