Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Kids are Alright at Black Maria Gallery

Los Angeles is the next stop for The Kids are Alright tour!! The show runs from July 18th through August 8th, 2009 at Black Maria Gallery with the opening this Saturday. Thanks so much to Beau and Melanie for all they've done.

I'm excited to show again with such an amazing group of artists, in ~black and white~ this time around. The preview of the show is available here and the following is my contribution!


mixed media on paper
12" x 16"

"False Apprehension"
mixed media on paper
24" x 12"


Lisa Tao said...

love these new paintings :D
good work~<3

Francis said...

I really like the first piece!

Katherine Lim said...

Ooooh! they look quite lovely. YOU FINISHED IT o_o any all nighters lol. no more formation 1 and 2 i see?

rikit said...

i like this no colour thing you're doing. they look NICEE :D

Rachelle said...

the first peice... definitely my fav. gorgeous and dream-like.

you are so pro. <3

Sena Jung said...

Love ur painting :)

Martha Chan said...

Thanks you guys!!! I appreciated it.

Lisa/Fran/Chu: Are you guys doing pieces for Awol?! I want to see~ and its July already, lets hang out!!

Kat: Psh, all nighters?! None of that anymore. and ya.. the formations 'fell' ... ah-haha??

Rash: <3

Sena: ;-)