Monday, July 20, 2009

A day at the Safari!

I enjoyed a lovely afternoon the past weekend at "Canada's Original Safari Adventure", less than an hour away from Oakville. The animals were very responsive and there were some epic encounters including crazy monkeys jumping on the cars and goats mauling people just to get a snack! It is worth checking out this summer... think about it..

Affri-can Li-on Sa-farrr-eeeeee~


alba said...

we (Steph, Steve and me) are planning on going sometime in I'm uber excited (the little kid in the orange jumper is my fave)

Ashley Ross said...

thanks for inviting me bitch!

I loled uncontrollably @ the ostrich's face & "cheetah peeing!"

Lettie Lo said...

why did u CG that cute girl out

irma kniivila said...

amazing beyond comprehension!

I think you should probably start publishing your sketchbooks, I for one would buy.

Martha Chan said...

Alba: fun! take lots of pics~

Ross: Next time? ;-D

Lettie: ... it was originally a picture i took of a boy being attacked.. but the same thing happened to me, so i CG-ed my face in, hehe give the "full effect"

irma: thanks <3!